Assistance Dog in Training at CAA 2013

During the session “Reframing Painting: A Call for a New Critical Dialogue,” in the midst of a wonderful paper called The “Irrelevance” of Robert Rauschenberg’s White Paintings by Christina Chang of the Minnesota Museum of American Art, I noticed this handsome assistance-dog-in-training was sitting almost right in front of me. What amazing good fortune, and what a great place for an assistance dog to train (and if he or she is training to help people with certain types of disorders, a lot of likely assist-ees).

Even while being mesmerized by the talk my body began to pay more attention to the dog. He or she was a Labrador-type dog but with lustrous long hair, with cowlicks and widow’s peaks leaping to and fro. My fingers itched to twirl and smooth those curls and I could not help but wondering what is really important.

The dog was a bit anxious and needed to go outside so his person, and nice woman who I exchanged smiles and eye contact with, took him before the session closed. I couldn’t find them again. I would like to know more about them both…