I’ll always remember this week of June 2012 … well, actually I probably won’t remember anything since I’ve been awake for, like, five days. But we did have a cool tropical storm linger over the Bay Area for a few merciful days of rain and clouds.

There is always some fool, in this case myself, who walks down to Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa (this at least did not involve car travel since I live there) to view the flooding and swells. Waves of any size are uncommon in the bay, so whitecaps like those in this video are really unusual.

There has been a pod of five dolphins — four adults and a kid — in the bay all spring and summer. One occasionally goes off by him or herself, and that is the dolphin in this video. He or she pops up at intervals beginning at about .15 through about .53, with the last surfacing very close. I left the end ravels with just the waves and wind attached because just the weather was cool too.