I was still so unhappy about what happened to my favorite crazy character on The Borgias, Prince Alfonso of Naples that when I saw the words “pentagonal wedge” in connection with my latest eye surgery I must admit I felt a pang of … well, solidarity.

I can tell this is going to be the best post-surgical post-bike accident black eye to date, so will be sure to post some additional photos to keep informed interested bystanders too shy to ask what the heck happened. The people at the Eye Institute, who are totally kind and efficient, were also happy to alert me that owing to the awesome amount of nerve damage and scar tissue, the stitches would have to on the outside instead of inside the lid…what can you say, really? I am also under admonishment not to remove the medieval, or I guess Quattrocento-esque Frost sutures myself, like I would get bored of them and pick up an Xacto knife or something…


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