Queequeg Carey died on Wednesday, November 15, 2006, in Coral Gables, Florida. She was fifteen years old. The cause of death was kidney failure, against which she waged a brief and very fierce battle.

Born on the Ides of March, Queequeg was known for her intelligence, mischief making, and love of humans, dogs, cats, and rabbits. She enjoyed chasing but not harming squirrels and particularly ducks. Queequeg lived on three continents, visited 37 American states, and several times scaled the Bridal Veil Falls trail. She liked to sleep in the sun and be warm and once dragged a pillow she wished to nap on so close to a fireplace the cushion caught fire, with her on it (she was unscorched).

Queequeg was particularly loved by the citizens of Utah, where she lived for several years, and even became something of a local celebrity. The column named for her in the Daily Herald called “Queequeg’s Question” remains one of Utah’s most popular news features. Her antics were immortalized in a hilarious piece by author and entertainer Eric Snider in a story called “Stuff Happens.”
Queequeg is survived by her Uncle Paul, Grandfather Raymond, her sister and lifelong companion Astra and her younger sister Marcie, and by her mother, Jean, who could not have loved Queequeg more had she come from her own body.