There hasn’t been any posting for a while, nor the promised Live Dog Cam, for a couple reasons. First Astra was very sick…she had to have 17 of her teeth pulled. Then Queequeg, not to be outdone, began experiencing the kidney failure that commonly, critically becomes an issue for dogs of her age.

Queequeg is at Coral Gables Animal Hospital tonight, on an IV. It is hard to know what to do. I swore I wouldn’t subject her to the horrible indignities Moshe had to go through before she died…and that’s the consideration; they are old, and they die anyway. I hope I can keep my promise to her, but it’s so hard to accept the tough little dog … not being around. It’s not like with Astra; Astra just doesn’t care, and she wants to live, dignity or none. Queequeg has quite the opposite personality. She would sign a DNR if she could.

I guess we will all try to sleep and see what tomorrow brings.

Yesterday was Astra’s fifteenth birthday, and I am happy now we spent it quietly, with just a little bit of celebrating, a few treats and lots of hugs and napping.