In August when Dr. Thomas was treating Astra for a terrible infection, the prognosis was not good. Astra is extremely old for an IG and I know our time together is not long, but I am forever grateful for the autumn days we’ve had together. I have to say Astra has had possibly every food it would be imaginable to feed a dog – kale, squid, corn chowder, pickled ginger, and of course lots of her favorite, gelato.

In these stressful days — the fall always seems to bring with it anxiety — in this city where bonds shared between animals, people, and people who love animals are treated as an egregious social aberration — I am happy too to have a reason to remember that it’s the girls who matter, the girls, my dad, my brother; and the grace of God that has brought them to and kept them in my life for all these many yearsimages-5

Here’s a girl who takes after her mom in love of dairy products…

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