This film is criminally underknown, if that’s the right word…despite winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance , there just doesn’t seem to be even any underground buzz, not even amid the scifi community. Primer is wholly the creation of Shane Carruth, an actual engineer from Dallas, and he did the entire production – editing, script, direction, music, bulidng the machine – entirely himself. This is a cerebral, non-special-effects-driven science fiction piece which appears at first to be about time travel, but its more accurately should be described as cloning, and the moral (and practical) ramifications thereof.

Carruth, who greatly resembles the other great underrated actor of horror and scifi, Jeffrey Combs from ReAnimator, is a genius, but is frustratingly apparently laying low. He hasn’t commented, even on his own message board, about whether he will make another movie.