…With Parallel Commentary on the Case of Turm der blauen Pferde

...Supplement to „Raubkunst at the Ringling”   In this sidebar to "Raubkunst at the Ringling," which has appeared in this week's in Lapsus Lima, I compare the fate of Geburt der Pferde and Schöpfungsgeschichte II, whose whereabouts are known, with the case of...

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Introducing Michelangelost™:
The Intersectional Criminal Tribunal

Michelangelost™ is the newest name for the blog I have been writing since 2006, which began as mostly about dogs and animals. It has since had several titles, including Errata and German Modernism, and expanded to include numerous topics. Even though this website is...

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Contact me with questions about Franz Marc, art history, real and representational animals, zooarchaeology, or provenance and authentication research.

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This timeline in German and English is about art history and animals.